McD Perks

What is

ourlounge is an optional platform that McDonald's restaurants can elect to use to provide an easy and interactive website for restaurant crew and managers. ourlounge provides crew and managers with access to tools and information they can use in their restaurant. It's the "one-stop shop" for most McDonald's-related information. Also available in a mobile app for iPhone and Android users.

What can crew & managers access on

Crew and managers can access schedules, the latest McDonald's promotions, benefits information (McDPerks, Archways to Opportunity, etc.), training (CAMPUS & Fred), Manager’s Corner (manager’s news, resources & tools), good news stories and more!

Who to contact for questions and technical support?

Crew can contact their store manager for questions. 

* Owner/Operators are independent employers and make their own policies regarding employment-related matters. If you work for an Owner/Operator organization, please check with your Owner/Operator, or the person designated by your Owner/Operator, to determine whether these discounts apply to your organization.

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